45. According to the practice of the Church, it is lawful to accept offerings to apply the Mass for a definitive intention. (CIC 945) However, a priest may not ask for more than the amount determined by the Bishops of the Province. (17)

46. Any appearance of trafficking or commerce is to be entirely excluded from Mass offerings. (CIC 947) Intentions cannot be denied because the person is unable to make a monetary offering.

47. A priest who celebrates Mass more than once a day or celebrates a Mass with multiple intentions may offer the Mass for the different intentions, but may only retain the offering for one intention. (18)

48. On Christmas day, the presider may keep stipends for all the Masses he celebrates. Concelebrants are entitled to only one stipend. (cf. CIC 951)

49. The excess stipends from binations, trinations, or multiple-intentioned Masses are to be remitted to the Seminarian Education Fund every month in care of the Archdiocesan Finance Office. If, however, there is urgent financial need in the parish, the excess stipend, or a part of it, may be applied to the general administration of the parish with the prior approval of the Chancellor. (19)

50. Every parish community and institution in the Archdiocese that accepts Mass stipends is to keep a careful record of the intentions received. In this book the following information is to be kept: number of Masses to be celebrated, the intention to be celebrated, the stipend given for the celebration, and whether the intention has been fulfilled or not.

51. No one is allowed to accept more intentions than he can fulfill within a year. Those who have more intentions than they can fulfill within a year, are to send the intentions to the Chancellor for distribution to priests who receive no intentions.

(17) At the present time the approved amount is $10. (18) “All Souls Day is considered compensation for the pastor/priest. . . The funds are to be deposited into the general operating account and then a check for the full amount is to be written to the pastor/priest . . .” (Parish Administrative Manual, Section VI. XV. January 2007) (19) In accord with a decree from the commission for the Authentic Interpretation of the Code of Canon Law, religious priests who are pastors, parochial vicars, parochial administrators, or hold a similar office, are to send the excess stipends to the purpose determined by the Archbishop. Those who are not canonically assigned (priest in a monastery, or resident without assignment in the Archdiocese) are to send the excess stipends to the purposes determined by their religious superior. (August 6, 1987) Archbishop Sheehan has delegated to the Chancellor the responsibility of handling the excess stipends. These stipends are to be sent to the Chancellor in care of the Catholic Center.

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