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From the earliest time, the Church has baptized children as well as adults. Infants are those who have not yet reached the age of reason (7 years old) and cannot have or profess their own faith. Parents are encouraged to have their children baptized within the first weeks after birth. Faith is witnessed for them by their parents and godparents, who represent both the Church. In the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, at least one of the names given to the baptized must be a saint’s name.

1.     For the celebration of infant baptism it is necessary that there be:

    1.1     Consent of at least one of the parents, or the person who lawfully takes their place.

    1.2     Founded hope that the infant would be brought up in the Catholic religion. The founded hope of raising the infant in the faith could be given by another member of the family as long as the parents allow it. If the hope does not exist, the baptism is to be delayed. 

    1.2.1.     Baptism may be delayed for a period of time so that the practice of the faith may be encouraged, ordinarily not beyond three months. However, baptism is not to be delayed because the parents are not married in the Church. Some efforts should be made to catechize the parents who are presenting a second, or third, child for baptism and have not done anything to rectify their situation.

    1.2.2.     Baptism is not to be delayed because only one of the parents is a practicing Catholic.

    1.3.     Proper instruction of parents and godparents in the meaning of the sacrament and the obligations which are attached to it. The requirement of instruction may be fulfilled anywhere in the Archdiocese for those who  have a domicile in its jurisdiction. At the end of the instructions a certificate is to be issued by the parish to those who attended the classes. This certificate may be lawfully used for a period of two years.

    1.4.     Parents are to be encouraged to prepare for the baptism of the child during pregnancy.

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