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1. When an Emergency Baptism has been celebrated in a hospital, or any other place, the following steps are to be followed:

1.1. The one who administers baptism (cleric or lay) is to see that, unless a sponsor is present, there be at least a witness by whom the conferral of baptism can be proved.

1.2. If baptism was not administered by the pastor of the territorial parish of the institution, the one who administered the baptism must inform the pastor of the territorial parish in which baptism was administered so that the proper record may be entered into the books in accord with the norms of canon. This is to be done within three days after the administration of the sacrament.

1.3. The one who administers the baptism is to encourage the parents, or person baptized, to go to their proper parish to have the ceremonies supplied. By proper parish is understood the parish where the parents, or the one baptized, are registered. If they are not registered in any parish, it is understood to be the territorial parish of their home address. A record of the ceremonies supplied is to be sent to the parish where the baptism is recorded (territorial parish of the institution).

2. If there is doubt of whether the person or fetus is alive, baptism can be conferred conditionally. If aborted fetuses are alive, they are to be baptized if possible. If there is no doubt that the person or fetus is dead, the minister may not baptize.

3. After an emergency baptism, the proper pastor shall arrange to supply the ceremonies using the proper rite in the approved liturgical books.

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