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1. The sacrament of Baptism is to be celebrated in the home parish in which the adult to be baptized, or in which the parent(s) of the child to be baptized, are registered or belong.

1.1. It is not allowed for anyone, without the required permission from the proper pastor, to confer baptism in their parish upon those who are not his parishioners.

1.2. When permission has been obtained to have someone baptized in another parish, the responsibility for the paper work, catechesis, and the judgement as to whether the baptism should proceed, still remain with the home parish pastor.

1.3. Baptism is to be celebrated either in the parish church or its missions according to the discretion of the pastor. Baptism is not to be celebrated in private homes. Outside the case of danger of death, baptism is not to be celebrated in a hospital or other place.

1.4. Whenever reasonably possible the sacrament of baptism is to be celebrated on Sundays in the presence of the Christian Community, not necessarily during the Sunday Eucharist. Private ceremonies are strongly discouraged unless there is a reasonable cause in the judgment of the pastor of the place of baptism.

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