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Pastoral Council

     Chairperson: Liz Ronquillo
     Representative of:

     Altar and Rosary Society: Lourdes Martinez 

     Guadalupanas: Floraida Martinez

     Hemanos Penitentes: Danny Sandoval Sr.

     Catechetical leaders: Mr. and Mrs. De Aguero

                                               Fr. Sebastian Lee SF

     St. Vincent de Paul Society: Doreen Campbell

     Lectors: Doreen Campbell

     Ministers of Hospitality:  Jerry Romero

     Music Ministry: Manny Chavez

     Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion: Dolores Romero
     Holy Rosary Scripture Sharing: Mrs. Joanne D. Sandoval
     Holy Family Association: Dolores Romero

     Women's ACTS / Mass Broadcast: Angelic Herrera

     Blessed Sacrament Adoration: Marcela Garduño

     Buildings and grounds: Walter Bustos

     Parish Administrator: Fr. Sebastian Lee, SF

     Parish Office: Glenda Martinez

                              Elaine Yardman

                                 Jeannie Montano

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